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by Academy of Clinical Excellence on September 23, 2009

Clinical excellence, not competence, has been the beacon that I have always strived for in medicine.

Because achieving clinical excellence was a primary goal, although initially it was only vaguely defined in my mind, as a medical student and house officer, I was constantly on the lookout for the physicians that I thought were role models for clinical excellence. I would watch them carefully and make notes about how they carried themselves, what they would say, how they would say it, what they did, and I would often ask what they were thinking, and how they had arrived at specific conclusions. Role models for clinical excellence have had a significant impact on my professional growth and development in medicine.

I sometimes wonder if my enthusiasm for patient care would be different had I not trained under these role models of clinical excellence. In this blog, you can expect to hear perspectives about clinical excellence from an exceptional group of master clinicians and healers at Johns Hopkins. This blog will deliver role models for clinical excellence to you and you will be privy to their thoughts and evolving perspectives on this content area. They will write about patient encounters, lessons and pearls discovered in caring for patients across various clinical settings, and new insights related to clinical excellence that are unearthed at educational forums such as grand round and biomedical conferences. Bios will be provided for each contributor.

As is the case with many blogs, you are encouraged to respond to the posted ideas and to facilitate ongoing dialogue within this new learning community dedicated to clinical excellence.

Thank you for visiting this blog and we hope that the content will be stimulating and relevant to your specific interests related to clinical excellence. Please let us know if there are particular subject matters or ideas that you think should be covered and addressed by our bloggers.

Scott Wright, M.D.,
Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Anonymous September 24, 2009 at 8:15 am

What a terrific idea for a blog.Look forward to future posts and ongoing dialogue about excellence in patient care.

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